We are responding to a changing digital age

The last few years have seen rapid developments in technology, and New Zealanders are expecting us to keep up. We’ve been working to tackle new problems and deliver services in more people-centred, inclusive and efficient ways while maintaining safety and privacy. Utilising new technologies provides us with vast opportunities to do things differently, and to maximise benefits for all.

As well as harnessing new technologies, we’re also recognising the growing need to progress digital government. Digital government means using these technologies to suit citizens and their needs – not just ours. Doing this well means New Zealanders will have confidence in the work we’re doing, and the perception of the public service will flourish.


This work is supported by the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) which has as its the purpose that “all New Zealanders are thriving in a digital world”.

This doesn’t just mean focusing on the design and operation of government services. It also involves protecting people’s rights and fostering easier and equal access to a wide range of digital services. We know New Zealanders want to participate in Government decisions about issues and policies that affect them and their families. People also want reassurance that their personal data is secure, their privacy is protected, and that Government is supporting them as their way of living, working and socialising changes in the digital age.

Responding to our Minister’s priorities

Over the last year, we supported a number of Ministerial priorities in the Government Digital Services portfolio relating to transforming service delivery, which included:

  • Our focus on digital inclusion through our publication of the Digital Inclusion Blueprint in May 2019, was a significant highlight for us
  • Leading an assessment of government algorithms in 14 participating agencies with the Government Chief Data Steward and published the Algorithm Assessment Report October 2018
  • A $17.6 million investment through Budget 2018 contributing to a programme of system-wide digital and data initiatives
  • Publishing a Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework, to help us understand how to successfully progress this important work by making evidence-based decisions
  • Improving digital inclusion and protecting New Zealanders' digital rights, by working closely with the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment to establish and support the Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion Ministerial Advisory Group
  • Continuing our focus on supporting agencies across government to improve their IT systems and processes and providing more agile and integrated delivery of their services.
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