We are leading the digital government transformation

The Chief Executive of the Department is also the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO), driving digital government transformation across the public sector.

This collaborative approach is supported by the Digital Government Partnership, made up of over 60 senior leaders across government, and is overseen by the Digital Government Leadership Group of 10 chief executives.

Our work is focused on making it easier for government agencies to go digital. We launched Marketplace in September 2018, to make it simpler, quicker and more cost-effective for agencies to access a range of digital services, and for suppliers to deliver them. Marketplace was developed in partnership with the ICT industry and public sector agencies.

Putting New Zealanders and their whānau at the heart of everything we do

Te Ara Manaaki means the journey/pathway we’re on and the support we will receive along the way. It also reflects how we nurture the mana of people through the services we provide.

The Te Ara Manaaki programme is reimagining and redesigning our identity and life event products and services – putting New Zealanders and their whānau at the heart of everything we do. As a result of this work, services will be delivered in a more joined up, effective way.

Improvements Te Ara Manaaki has delivered in 2018/19 included:

  • An online service for ordering birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Trialling an online application process for citizenship by grant
  • Enabling couples to apply for their marriage licence entirely online, with no need to visit a registry office
  • We will continue to put the customer at the centre in 2019/20 by improving our customers’ experience by no longer asking them to provide the same information over and over again. Instead customers will have the ability to give permission for their information to be shared with other agencies.

Creating trusted digital identities

Just as having a secure identity is vital to participating in everyday life – for example, when we travel, vote, require healthcare or visit our bank – a trusted online identity is critical to participation and access in the digital world. In December, we received funding of $5.15 million for a two-year Digital Identity Transition Programme. This programme aims to create the right environment, set appropriate rules and utilise new technologies when providing New Zealanders with secure digital identities to meet ever-evolving needs and expectations. Creating trusted digital identities ensures everyone has access to the tools and knowledge they need to take part in New Zealand’s future.

We know we’re on the right track.


In 2018, New Zealand ranked eighth in the United Nations E-Government Development Index.

The Index assesses data about 193 countries’ online services, digital infrastructure and citizen wellbeing. New Zealand also ranked fifth equal in the United Nations E-Participation Index.

Our nation’s status as a leading digital government is strengthened by our membership in the Digital 9 (D9). The D9 is a forum where nations:

  • share best digital practice
  • identify how to improve digital services
  • collaborate on common projects to support and champion our growing digital nations.
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